Expanding primary prevention and family violence response services to include LGBTIQA+ communities

As part of our Rainbow Tick Accreditation journey, we are expanding our service delivery to meet the needs of LGBTIQA+ communities.

As a feminist organisation, we are working towards challenging and dismantling the structures and systems of gendered oppression.

We also believe that gender equity cannot be achieved if we do not simultaneously advocate to dismantle other forms of oppression.

In doing so, we recognise the need to provide services and spaces that reduce the number of barriers LGBTQIA+ communities face when accessing family violence services.

Current research suggests that six in ten LGBTQ+ people in Australia have experienced family violence (La Trobe 2020); and that the level of family violence against transgender and intersex people appears to be particularly high (Royal Commission into Family Violence, 2016).

In a 2018 Australian study of 1613 Trans and Gender diverse people, 53.2 per cent reported experiencing sexual violence or coercion. This compares to 13.3 per cent among a general sample of people in Australia (ACON TGD report 2018).

Research also shows that 65 per cent of trans and gender diverse people reported their sex education as ‘poor’ or ‘awful’, 51.2 per cent experienced insensitive sexual healthcare.

The alarmingly high rates of violence experienced by these communities highlight the need for inclusive, safe family violence support services for LGBTIQA+ communities.

Over the coming months, we will be looking to expand our service delivery and partnerships in order to provide safe, accessible and welcoming services to members of LGBTIQA+ communities.

You can also view our list of LGBTIQA+ resources to support inclusion and diversity self-education.