Women and Wellbeing Fact Sheets:

Women’s Health West produces occasional fact sheets on a variety of topics related to women’s health. You can download PDF files of any fact sheet, or click through to read the information as ordinary website pages.

Women’s Health West encourages the copying and use of these fact sheets for private, educational, research or organisational use.

Fact sheet 1: Women’s Groups and Wellbeing

Women’s support groups can be a helpful alternative to more traditional responses to women’s emotional difficulties, such as medical or psychological treatment. This fact sheet includes women’s thoughts on their experience of a support group.

Fact sheet 2: Give yourself a self-massage

A step by step illustrated guide to making yourself feel better in five minutes, with a self-massage.

Fact sheet 3: Finding quality health information online

The internet can be a valuable source of health information. However, not all online health information is equally reliable or useful. This fact sheet explains some of the pitfalls and gives tips on finding and using quality information.

Fact sheet 4: Using the internet safely

Many people affected by family violence find the internet a useful source of information and support. However, it is important to learn how to use the internet safely. This fact sheet contains tips on protecting your privacy when emailing and surfing.

Women and Wellbeing Fact Sheets: