Consent, Empowerment & Respect Campaign Resources

The Consent, Empowerment and Respect campaign has been developed to provide young women in Melbourne’s west with information about their sexual and reproductive health.

This campaign encourages women to be actively involved in their sexual and reproductive health by being informed, making their own choices and taking ownership of their body, their health and their wellbeing.

The campaign has a range of different resources that are designed to communicate that sexual and reproductive health and all that comes with it, such as pleasure, periods, sex and using contraception are not things to be ashamed or embarrassed of.

If you have any questions, please contact info@whwest.org.au


A-Z PDF Resource 

This resource explores all things sexual and reproductive health from pleasure and periods to sex and contraception. It celebrates the diversity of our bodies, and encourages us to embrace our identity, our sexuality and all the wonderful things that make us unique. 

Download A-Z Resource 


A-Z Poster

This poster is a visual representation of the PDF resource. Each letter of the alphabet represents a particular theme or topic relating to sexual and reproductive health starting with the letter A (All bodies are beautiful) and finishing with the letter Z (Zero tolerance for sexual violence) and everything in between.

Download A-Z Poster


Womens Rights Poster

This colourful poster is the perfect addition to any office, classroom, bedroom…or just about any other wall for that matter!

Download Womens Rights Poster


Women’s Rights Postcard 1

Bring a smile to someone’s face by sending them this postcard, whether it’s a friend, colleague, loved one or send it to yourself!

Download Women’s Rights Postcard 1


Women’s Rights Postcard 2

Share this postcard with someone and shout it loud together “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”! 

Download Women’s Rights Postcard 2


Women’s Rights Postcard 3

And another postcard option that celebrates our rich diversity and all our wonderful difference.

Download Women’s Rights Postcard 3


Consent, Empowerment and Respect Postcard

There’s not much we need to say, this postcard pretty much says it all – Consent, Empowerment Respect. Send it to someone, or grab a postcard for yourself – either way, get your hands on one!

Download Consent, Empowerment and Respect Postcard

Consent, Empowerment & Respect Campaign Resources