Choosing Positive Paths resource kit

Choosing Positive Paths is a resource kit offering information to mothers, other protective parents and/or carers on what to expect from and how to respond to children, at all ages and stages, who have experienced family violence.

Most family violence is directed towards women, and three-quarters of women who experience family violence are caring for children, so the language is directed towards mothers.

However, this information is helpful for all primary carers – fathers, grandparents, aunts, family friends, foster parents.

This is also a useful resource for professionals who work with families, such as social workers, counsellors, doctors, teachers, lawyers or child protection workers.

How parents can use this kit: Choose the brochures that meet the needs of your family. Please consider if it is safe for you to download, print or take these brochures home.

How workers can use this kit: We encourage you to tailor your brochure selection to the needs of individual parents, use them to aid discussions with your clients and to supply hard copies as required and when safe to do so.

The Choosing Positive resource kit is a joint initiative of Women’s Health West and Berry Street and is based on a resource developed with community participants in 2003. Illustrations by Isis and Pluto.

If you have any questions, please contact info@whwest.org.au

Download digital copies below, or order physical copies via our order form.

Download: Parenting, violence and your safety: who can help

Download: Pregnancy and violence

Download: Parenting a baby- birth to 18 months

Download: Parenting a toddler- 1.5-3 years

Download: Parenting a pre-schooler- 3 to 5 years

Download: Parenting a primary schooler- 5 to 12 years

Download: Parenting a teenager- 13 to 18 years

Download: The effects of violence on children’s behaviour

Download: Parenting, talking about separating, moving house and seeing Dad

Download: Parenting, violence and the legal system

Choosing Positive Paths resource kit