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Preventing Elder Abuse in the west

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is marked every year on 15 June to raise awareness of the mistreatment of older people brought about by ageism and inequality in our society. This year with the impact of COVID-19, there is increased urgency to bring light to this issue.


Our Community Champions – the Seabreeze Quilters

Community Champions are the people, groups and organisations in our community who continue to champion the work we do. This edition we celebrate the Seabreeze Quilters.


The Gendered Impact of a Pandemic

COVID-19 has vastly impacted the way we live our lives. Not only have we had to endure a health crisis, but we’ve also had to endure an economic and financial crisis. Loss of jobs, school shutdowns, and adopting practices such as social distancing to flatten the curve amid the COVID-19 outbreak, have placed a significant burden on women and marginalised communities. It’s during these times of crisis that we recognise the varying experiences of people of all genders, with women, the LGBTIQ community, First Nations people, people with a disability and other marginalised communities disproportionately affected.


Family Violence and COVID-19

Family violence is a national emergency and even before the pandemic, our systems were failing Victim Survivors. Since government directed lockdowns took force in late March, we have recognised the greater risk this places on Victim Survivors who are required to self-isolate in unsafe homes along with perpetrators.


A need for the evidence base

Earlier this year, we introduced the newly formed Evidence Unit to the organsiation. Sitting within our Strategy, Advocacy and Community Engagement team, the unit aims to promote the voices of our clients and communities through evidence gathering and advocacy work.