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Hawwan Oromoo akkataa maallaqaa Australia akka hubataniif

Akkataa maallaqa Australia hubachuuf gara gartuu Kaayyoo kottu waliin dubbannaa

Eessa: 12 Holland Court, Flemington

Yoom: Roobii Waxabajjii 12, san booda ammas Roobii, Ramadaan booda, torban shaniif (Adolessa (August) 21, Birraa (September) 4, Birraa (September) 18, Onkololessa (October) 16 fi Onkololessa (October) 30)

Sa’aa: 10gn (am) hamma 1wb (pm)


Laaqannii fi dhugaatii lallaafaan ni jira.

Afaan Oromoo kan deebisan/hiikan akkasumas daa’ima kan eegan naannoo irraa ni qopheessaman.

Mata-dureen irratti mariyatuuf karoorsanne hangi takka akka armaan gadii kana:

  • Akkataa baankiin Australia itti dalagu hubachuu, kunis maallaqaa, sobbooqaa (interest) fi durs-idaa (credit card)
  • Jireessi (bills) hubachuu, qusii fi baasii jireessii sirnaan karoorsachuu
  • Kard-hirpheessa (concession card) fi gati-hir’isa akkamii akka argattu
  • Warreen gurgurtaaf ulaa irra deemaniis tahe bilbila dhawan akka itti if irraa to’attu
  • Man-jireenya ummataa (Public Housing), Centrelink fi mirga ati qabdu
  • Wilii seenuun (contract) maali? Mallattoon kee seeraan aboo akkamii akka qabu hubachuu
  • Adabbii maallaqaa akkamiin akka furattu

Gaaffii yoo qabaatte, ykn dhufuu kee nu hubachiisuuf bilbila: Karima 0431 456 831 ykn Shifrah – Women’s Health West – bilbila: 9689 9588 dhawi.

Local group raise more than $1200 for Women’s Health West

Shoulder to shoulder with boas and bling, 134 women supported Women’s Health West at the Great Gatsby fundraiser on Sunday 2 June at the Sun theatre in Yarraville!

Local women Michelle Masterson and Sarah Strybosch are the brains behind Women of the West and organised the evening to raise money for women and children escaping family violence.

We sincerely thank the WOW women and all of the wonderful women who attended.


L-R Dr Robyn Gregory, Women’s Health West CEO; Michelle Masterson and Sarah Strybosch, Women of the West; Claire Culley, Women’s Health West board director

Job vacancy: FARREP Community Worker

19 hours per week – 12 month contract (maternity leave)

We seek a skilled professional to work as part of a small team to deliver the Family and Reproductive Rights Education Program (FARREP).

The worker will be responsible for improving the sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing of women from communities who practice female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) and work with communities to prevent the practice.

We seek a woman who has experience facilitating groups with community women and an understanding of the social and cultural context of FGM/C.

Remuneration in accordance with the WHW Enterprise Agreement 2010, based on qualifications and experience. Salary packaging is available.

Position description available here

Only applications that address the key selection criteria will be considered.

For further information ring 9689 9588

Closing date: Friday 21 June 2013

Calling out for help

What it’s like in refuge

Women’s Health West provides shelter for women and their children escaping family violence when it’s not safe for them to live in their own home. These are the words of Joyce who stayed with us recently.

It was a blessing to be in the hands of such a loving, caring, courageous, compassionate, respectful, understanding organisation. From my point of view, they are in an important role of empowering both women and children who have been living in family violence. It is an individual woman’s responsibility to call out for help once they have experienced some form of violence because it is not acceptable to live in violence.


Planning for participation

As a feminist organisation, Women’s Health West (WHW) works to increase women’s civic participation. We believe that participation in decisions that affect women’s lives is a right, not a privilege, so we facilitate that participation to increase women’s influence on outcomes and decisions. Importantly, WHW recognises that women are the experts in their lives and we value their voices, knowledge and experience.

Women’s right to, and realisation of, full social, political and economic participation is an integral element of gender equity. WHW needs local women to be involved so we have begun to develop an organisational client and community participation strategy designed to increase women’s meaningful participation in the service.