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Information for professionals: How to make a referral to Women’s Health West

If you are working in a community, health or other support organisation and are working with clients experiencing family violence, please visit this section of our site to find out more about the services we offer.

It will also be useful to professionals in a range of industries who are concerned that a client or customer might be experiencing family violence.

Please note that we are currently experiencing an extremely high demand for our services, and as a result there can be delays in responding to referrals.

If this is you, this section can help you to:

  • Source information, support or resources around family violence to support your work with clients
  • Find out more about the services we provide
  • Find out how to refer clients to Women’s Health West

COVID-19 and Women’s Health West’s services

Women’s Health West is continuing to deliver essential services to women and children who experience family violence during the COVID-19 health emergency. We remain open and will continue to provide our family violence services. As well as this, we will continue to follow up referrals received from Victoria Police following incidents of family violence. 


We’re Hiring

We are currently recruiting for a Case Manager (Weekday) – Family Violence First Response.

Visit our ‘work with us‘ page for information on how to apply.


The need to expand primary prevention and family violence response services to include LGBTIQA+ communities

Last month, we provided an update on Rainbow Tick Accreditation journey and shared that we are expanding our service delivery to meet the needs of LGBTIQA+ communities.

As a feminist organisation, we are working towards challenging and dismantling the structures and systems of gendered oppression. We also believe that gender equity cannot be achieved if we do not simultaneously advocate to dismantle other forms of oppression. In doing so, we recognise the need to provide services and spaces that reduce the number of barriers LGBTQIA+ communities face when accessing family violence services.


Submission to the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with a Disability

Women’s Health West has written the following submission to the Royal Commission.

We would like to thank our clients for sharing their stories and informing our response.


GEN VIC submission to the Inquiry into the decriminalisation of sex work

Women’s Health West endorses this submission by our peak body GEN VIC. This submission supports the voices of peer-led sex work organisations, prioritization of health and safety of sex workers, and a feminist, human rights and worker-centred approach to sex work.