Youth focussed strategy to prevent violence against women

A respectful relationships education manual

18 November 2014

Women’s Health West will launch the You, Me and Us respectful relationships education project manual on 25 November 2014 at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre.

Dr Sue Dyson from the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society will give the keynote address. Three of the project’s respectful relationship youth ambassadors will speak about their experiences with the project.

‘Violence against women is a human rights violation of unparalleled proportion and its impact on women, children, families and communities is profound’ said Women’s Health West CEO, Dr Robyn Gregory.

Research shows that in Victoria, violence against women is the leading preventable contributor to death, disability and illness for women aged 15 to 44 years. Respectful relationships education is one of the most effective strategies to prevent violence against women and girls before it occurs and create a fair, equitable and just community for all.

You, Me and Us is a respectful relationships education project funded by the Federal Government Department of Social Services and run over the last three years by Women’s Health West. The project uses a peer education model to deliver education sessions to young people aged 10 to 13 and 18 to 24 years old in primary schools, sports clubs, youth organisations, TAFEs and universities.

‘You, Me and Us is the only Victorian program that works to build the capacity of senior primary schools students to identify behaviours associated with healthy and unhealthy relationships, understand their legal rights and responsibilities and where to access help and support if they or someone they know is experiencing an unhealthy or violent relationship,’ said Dr Gregory.

‘We know that young people are more likely to listen to respectful relationships messages when delivered by someone of a similar age and are more likely to confide in a friend or peer about an experience of violence before services or official channels, which highlights the importance of a peer education model to respectful relationships education,’ stated Dr Gregory.

The manual details respectful relationships education tools and resources, including evaluation materials, that have been effective in promoting equal and respectful relationships between young women and men.


Photo Opportunity

1:20pm – 1:30pm, Tuesday 25 November 2014

The Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne



For more information contact Nicola Harte, Communications Manager on 9689 9588 or email nicolah@whwest.org.au