Karen community demand an end to door-to-door sales

14 August 2013

Door-to-door retailers are targeting newly-arrived communities in the Wyndham area. Karen women have initiated consumer rights action to stop these high-pressure door-to-door sales tactics that result in debt and distress.

“Families have experienced financial hardship and conflict due to being ‘double billed’ (having two contracts for the same service) after being pressured to sign contracts they didn’t understand,” said Shifrah Blustein, Health Promotion Worker, Women’s Health West.

“Ninety members of the Karen community attended consumer rights training sessions to encourage individuals to be assertive with door-to-door salespeople, use ‘Do Not Knock’ stickers, and hold retailers to account for breaches of consumer law.”

“We decided to write to retailers in the electricity, telecommunications and credit industries urging them to stop the use of door-to-door sales strategies,” said Wasana Kyi Shwe, Karen project leader.

“Some major electricity retailers have stopped using this practice; we hope this letter will add to community pressure to stop the practice in Wyndham.”

“As part of a human rights project conducted by Women’s Health West, these emerging Karen leaders have developed confidence and skills to take action in response to injustice experienced by their community,” said Ms Blustein.

This action is supported by Women’s Health West and Wyndham Legal Service.


Please call Nicola Harte, Communications Manager at Women’s Health West on 9689 9588 or email nicolah@whwest.org.au to:

  • Speak to a Karen community member and arrange a photo
  • Or for further information about breaches of consumer law in Wyndham