Lead On Again 2019

Lead on Again is a leadership program run by Women’s Health West for young women with refugee and migrant backgrounds, from across the western metro region.

It happens once a year in the summer school holidays, and this year we partnered with Maribyrnong Youth Services to run the program at Phoenix Youth Hub. Lead On Again usually culminates in an event that the participants are supported to organise themselves.

This year, the participants organised a fantastic event for International Women’s Day. We added a new component this year, building participant’s professional networking opportunities and skills to help bridge identified gaps between finishing study and finding entry points into professions.

Over 70 attendees joined the participants at Phoenix Youth Hub in Footscray to hear from speakers, network with a range of professional women from different sectorsincluding law, engineering, nursing, teaching, medicine, and IT, and enjoy some fab performances by the participants.  These included poetry, singing, dance involving (amazingly and with great hilarity) the whole audience learning and performing dance moves, and a fashion show of the national outfits of some of the nations represented by the participants.

Some lovely photos from the event below – with thanks to Maribyrnong City Council for providing the images.

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