Photo comp: Life as a single mum

I set photo this up to show my life as a single mum.

The Juggling Act Children sports,  work,  personal time, and washing – there’s always washing!

The Juggling Act
Children, sports, work, personal time and washing – there’s always washing!

The Lego head
Represents my child and his ever smiling happy face.

The basketball
Represents our struggle to fit in exercise to a busy life.

The toys
The fallen hulk shows the loss of a man in our life and the nerf gun says we can and will protect ourselves.

The washing
Because there’s always washing!

My legs with body art
A working mum dressing in heels and skirt putting out the washing, struggling with roles of responsibility (mother, daughter, employee, team mate, friend) and time for herself.

There’s never enough time to do the things you want to do.

What does equity and justice for women in the west of Melbourne mean to you?

We’re running a photo competition for international women’s day, read more about it here and send your photo to comms@whwest.org.au before 15 February 2013 for a chance to win an ipad.