Increased Funding for Prevention, Mental Health & Wellbeing

We welcome the Victorian Government’s announcement to increase funding to the women’s health sector to respond to this public health crisis, and continue our work around mental health and wellbeing, and the prevention of family violence.

This funding is crucial at this time, as it ensures that people experiencing family violence or hardship can continue to access support services at this difficult time.

Minister for Prevention of Family Violence, Gabrielle Williams, announced that the 12 women’s health services, including Women’s Health West, will each receive $250 000 over the next two years to continue our work to prevent family violence.

We are also pleased to be receiving a share of $600,000 to support new mental health and wellbeing initiatives. This pandemic presents significant risk factors for women’s mental health and wellbeing, including stress, anxiety and depression caused by isolation, financial insecurity and balancing work with increased care responsibilities.

This funding allow will enable Women’s Health West to continue to keep women and children in our community safe, support our work to prevent family violence before it occurs, as well as expand our mental health and wellbeing activities.

See the full media release here.