Girls Talk – Guys Talk

A whole-school approach to healthy relationships and sexual health

‘Now that I know all this stuff I will make different decisions about going to parties, getting drunk and having sex.’
Student group member

‘It has given students an opportunity to develop leadership skills re: wellbeing matters, it has influenced our curriculum and what’s critical for us to be teaching at years 7-9 highlighting for staff the importance of gaining student feedback.’
Secondary School Assistant Principal

‘The students are driving this. They have ownership. The students are motivated. It acknowledges and validates their strengths. It provides them with a more active role in learning.’
Secondary School Nurse

Student involvement is the core of Girls Talk – Guys Talk

The year 9 students drive the program including policy development and curriculum content. This enhances their knowledge, skills and access to support and provides the school with opportunities to create safer environments for students and develop friendly teaching methods.

Partnerships are the key to the success of the program and include students, staff, parents and local agencies

Girls Talk – Guys Talk endeavours to improve parental knowledge of sexual health and raise their confidence when communicating with their children about sexual health and relationships. Staff are resourced to deliver the new curriculum and the school community is part of an inclusive policy and curriculum development process. The existing relationships schools have with local agencies are enhanced and new links are established.


Girls Talk – Guys Talk contributes to the development of sustainable school environments that encourage the development of powerful young people with access to knowledge, skills and support to enhance their life chances and those of the community in which they live.