Family and Reproductive Rights Education Program

This program works with women and girls from diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds who have migrated from countries where female genital mutilation or cutting (FGM/C) is practiced.

What is the aim of the program?

We work with communities that traditionally practice FGM/C to:

  • Increase women’s access to health services
  • Build the capacity of health professionals to work with the women and girls at risk of FGM/C in culturally appropriate ways
  • Support changes in attitude towards the practice of FGM/C and prevent it from occurring by strengthening knowledge and provide appropriate resources

Who does FARREP support?

FARREP workers use culturally-appropriate resources to facilitate women’s health and wellbeing sessions with women and girls from communities affected by FGM/C.

We also provide professional development for health professionals and other organisations and individuals upon request. Training focuses on the social and cultural aspects of FGM/C to build the capacity and expertise of the services working with affected women and girls.

Women’s Health West’s FARREP publications

For more information about FARREP, contact us on 9689 9588.

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