Sexual and reproductive health

Sexual and reproductive health encompasses more than the absence of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancies.

It is also about healthy relationships, positive body image, sexual pleasure and women’s equal status in society.

Sexual and reproductive health is a key priority for Women’s Health West, because:

  • Women’s subordinate position, relative to men, is often shaped by sexual and reproductive factors
  • Sexual and reproductive health interacts directly with various other aspects of health including physical, relational and mental health and wellbeing
  • Sexual and reproductive health impacts on questions of identity

Women’s Health West’s work in this area focuses on the need for women to:

  • Be free from violence and discrimination on the basis of their sexuality, ability, cultural background or age
  • Have access to adequate economic, physical and psycho-social resources
  • Have control over sexual and reproductive decision-making

These basic principles underpin our work. We undertake programs with a range of women from different cultural and linguistic groups. Use the left menu to navigate through our current sexual and reproductive health promotion programs and services.