You, Me and Us

You, Me and Us is a respectful relationships education program targeted at young people aged 18 to 24 and primary schoolers aged 10 to 13. Women’s Health West supported culturally and linguistically diverse young women aged 18 to 24 to become youth ambassadors in the primary prevention of violence against women. These peer educators then co-facilitated respectful relationships education sessions with Women’s Health West workers in schools, youth organisations, TAFEs, universities and sporting clubs in Melbourne’s west.

The aim is to raise young people’s awareness of ethical behaviour and assist them to develop protective behaviours and skills in conducting relationships. Ultimately, the program is designed to redress the drivers of violence against women by promoting equal and respectful relationships between young women and men.

To support the efficacy and sustainability of the project, professional development training was also provided to adult leaders in participating schools and organisations.

Funding for the project concluded in November 2014. Based on our experiences, Women’s Health West has developed a number of resources to assist professionals seeking to implement a respectful relationships education program like You, Me and Us. The tools and resources made freely available here can be adapted for different contexts, setting and programs:

Training manual

Best practice in respectful relationships education: Literature review

Project evaluation report

Peer education

Respectful relationship education sessions

Professional development for adult leaders

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