Preventing men’s violence against women training

The Preventing Men’s Violence Against Women training has been developed to support the capacity of PVT partner organisations to implement primary prevention of men’s violence against women and promotion of gender equity initiatives, within their organisations and with communities. The training is composed of two modules, and is designed for partner agency staff working primarily in community health or local government, who are engaged in and committed to preventing men’s violence against women.

On completion of both modules, participants will have increased:

  • Knowledge of the key drivers of violence against women
  • Capacity to explain the key drivers of violence against women
  • Understanding of the links between these drivers and violence against women
  • Knowledge of strategies to prevent violence against women, namely gender equity strategies
  • Understanding of the impact and interactions of individual, organisational and institutional prevention strategies
  • Capacity to apply the conceptual model to inform primary prevention actions

For more information or to enquire about opportunities for workplace training please email info@whwest.org.au or call (03) 9689 9588