Preventing Violence Together

Led by Women’s Health West, Preventing Violence Together is the regional partnership and strategy that guides the primary prevention of men’s violence against women in the west.

Melbourne’s west has a significant history in its commitment to the primary prevention of violence against women. In 2010, Preventing Violence Together was launched as the first regional primary prevention partnership and action plan of its kind in Victoria, with many other regions adopting a similar partnership approach to prevention in the following years.

The Preventing Violence Together partnership has recognised that cross-sector partnerships and long-term funding are integral to establishing primary prevention efforts that are effective and comprehensive. The partnership is composed of 19 partner organisations including:

The Preventing Violence Together: 2030 regional plan sets out a strategic, coordinated, action-based approach to prevention of violence against women across the west, tailored to the particular needs and characteristics of Melbourne’s west. The strategy was developed following consultation with partners, service providers and communities of interest, to ensure it is relevant and tailored to the unique needs and context of Melbourne’s western region.

The strategy is a coordinated, action-based approach to preventing violence against women across Melbourne’s west. It is accompanied by a background paper, which can be downloaded here.