Preventing Violence Together

Led by Women’s Health West, Preventing Violence Together is the regional partnership and strategy that guides the primary prevention of men’s violence against women in the west.

Melbourne’s west has a significant history in its commitment to the primary prevention of violence against women.

In 2010, Preventing Violence Together was launched as the first regional primary prevention partnership and action plan of its kind in Victoria, with many other regions adopting a similar partnership approach to prevention in the following years.

In 2017, the partnership launched its second strategy, Preventing Violence Together 2030.

The Preventing Violence Together partnership has recognised that cross-sector partnerships and long-term funding are integral to establishing primary prevention efforts that are effective and comprehensive. The partnership agreement can be downloaded here.

The partnership is composed of 26 partner organisations including:

Implementing partners

Associate partners

Preventing Violence Together 2030 strategy

The Preventing Violence Together: 2030 regional strategy sets out a strategic, coordinated, action-based approach to prevention of violence against women across the west, tailored to the particular needs and characteristics of Melbourne’s west.

The strategy was developed following consultation with partners, service providers and communities of interest, to ensure it is relevant and tailored to the unique needs and context of Melbourne’s western region.

The strategy is a coordinated, action-based approach to preventing violence against women across Melbourne’s west. It is accompanied by a background paper, which can be downloaded here.

Preventing Violence Together 2030 Dashboard

The online dashboard outlines key indicators of change that lead to reducing the prevalence of violence against women, and advancing gender equity.

The dashboard gives a headline view of current attitudes and behaviours, and the ability to compare these at a local government, regional or state level. The dashboard can be accessed here.

Prevention of violence against women resource hub

We have also collated a bank of resources for the primary prevention of violence against women.

The resource hub categorises resources into logical, meaningful and useful categories that are easy to navigate to support the Preventing Violence Together Implementation Committee to implement prevention of violence against women initiatives.

The resources cover identified settings for action and population groups, and are categorised to best meet the needs of practitioners.

16 Days of Allyship

16 Days of Allyship is a movement to end violence against women.

Violence is more than physical violence. It includes disrespect, fear and control towards women. 

Being an ally is about  

  • being aware of your own privilege and power, and  
  • taking action together with women

to end this violence and create a more equal society that values and respects women.

The 16 Days of Allyship campaign is part of the international campaign called 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, led by the United Nations.  

Visit the website and Find out more about the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.