What is family violence?

Family violence is when a partner or family member hurts you, or tries to dominate you and control what you do.

Family violence is a crime. If you are ever in immediate danger, call the police on 000.

To escape family violence, phone Women’s Health West on 9689 9588 or email us on fvassist@whwest.org.au.

Family violence includes physical acts like hitting, pushing, smashing things or locking you in.

It can also involve:

  • Stopping you seeing family or friends
  • Pressuring, tricking or forcing you to do sexual things
  • Threatening to hurt you, your kids, family members or a pet
  • Calling you names or deliberately making you feel bad
  • Stopping you having any money
  • Constantly checking where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re talking to

These things can hurt you just as much as physical violence.

If you are working in a professional capacity to support clients who are experiencing family violence (or if you are concerned they might be experiencing family violence), please visit the ‘Information for Professionals’ section.

This booklet contains information that others have found useful when they have left a violent relationship. The suggestions may be adapted to suit your individual circumstances, only you can decide on the best options for yourself and your family and what is realistic and affordable.