WHW signs global statement on climate and health

So can you.

The recent global climate change summit in Doha produced a declaration calling for the protection and promotion of health to be made the one of the central priorities of global and national policy responses to climate change.

While it isn’t specific to women, it does call for more inclusive consultation and lists women as one of the groups that need to be included – and there was a ‘gender day’ at the summit to provide further traction to this end.

Women are more vulnerable to the impacts of rising prices, to heatwave impacts, to increasing violence after disasters, and that women currently are largely absent from high level decision making about responses to climate change.

The declaration calls for:

  1. The health impacts of climate change to be taken into account domestically and globally
  2. Investment in climate mitigation and adaptation to be significantly increased on a rapid timescale
  3. The health sector and the community to be engaged and informed on climate action

You can sign here as an organisation or as an individual: Doha Declaration on Climate, Health and Wellbeing