Strategic planning


Equity and justice for women in the west


We work together for change by supporting women and their children to lead safe and healthy lives and changing the conditions that cause and maintain inequity and injustice.

Strategic goals

Deliver and advocate for accessible, culturally appropriate services for women and children in the west who experience family violence.


  • Deliver services to women and children experiencing family violence
  • Advocate with and on behalf of the women and children who use our services
  • Raise awareness of family violence response and referral pathways
  • Promote practices that enhance access to resources and services
  • Use our experience working with clients and other services to inform our health promotion and advocacy work

Undertake health promotion and primary prevention actions to redress gender inequity and improve the health, safety and wellbeing of women, young people and children.


  • Deliver primary prevention and health promotion activities that are targeted towards the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the west
  • Advocate to improve the social and economic conditions that determine women’s health, safety and wellbeing
  • Work with those in positions of influence to prioritise gender equity
  • Work with partners on a common agenda for change
  • Draw on the experiences of our clients, communities, women and our partners to inform our approach

Collaborate with others to achieve shared goals.


  • Value the skills, knowledge and expertise of individuals, agencies, clients and women in our communities
  • Respect and appreciate the work of other organisations
  • Develop collaborative partnerships to enhance our work
  • Act to eliminate duplication and facilitate integration
  • Share our experience and expertise internally and externally

Promote good health, safety and wellbeing in our workplace.


  • Provide a healthy and safe workplace that reflects the diversity of our region
  • Value, acknowledge and develop the skills and expertise of our staff
  • Learn from each other to enhance outcomes for women
  • Work within our limits
  • Implement practices that are transparent and maintain clear accountabilities

Enhance the long term sustainability of Women’s Health West and its work.


  • Implement creative and innovative practices
  • Support program and service delivery through the efficient management of our people, finances and processes
  • Seek to diversify our sources of funding
  • Operate responsibly and ethically
  • Demonstrate the impact of our work

Guiding principles

We work within a feminist framework, respecting human rights. Our work responds to, recognises and respects that:

  • Women should have control over their decisions and their lives
  • Women’s health, safety and wellbeing is determined by political, social and economic factors
  • Women’s health, safety and wellbeing is inherently linked to gender inequity
  • Children’s health, safety and wellbeing is intrinsically connected to that of women
  • Children also have separate rights and individual needs
  • Women in our region have diverse strengths, experiences and goals
  • Collaboration is critical to improving outcomes for women
  • Our community’s needs are changing and evolving
  • Gender equity is everyone’s business

Our work is driven by the needs and experiences of women in the seven local government areas that form Melbourne’s west.