Our vision, purpose and values


Gender equity in the west.

Our vision outlines the society we want to live in and are working to create. This is our everyday inspiration and our long-term aspiration.


To achieve gender equity across Melbourne’s west so that everyone can lead healthy and safe lives, free from family violence and oppression.

Our purpose describes our part in advancing gender equity in Melbourne’s west. Given gender equity comprises many elements, our purpose clarifies the areas that are most relevant to Melbourne’s west in light of our strengths and the important work of our partners.



We centre freedom from oppression, discrimination and violence in all our work. We take responsibility for behaving and working in ways that promote freedom and we are accountable for the actions we take.


We foreground connection to ourselves, each other, our clients, the community, the land and the environment. Connection is fundamental to achieving our purpose. We believe in the strength of belonging, of being inclusive and in working together to achieve change.


We practice fierce, revolutionary love. We are open to all ways of knowing and being. We treat each other with respect, kindness and compassion and are committed to creating an environment where all feel seen, heard and valued.


We embrace and nurture creativity and curiosity. We reflect critically, ask questions, listen and actively pursue learning. We see uncertainty as opening up spaces for new possibilities.


We uphold human rights and in solidarity, work together to disrupt injustice and transform lives. We unapologetically challenge systems that disempower while simultaneously acknowledging that we are part of these systems.


Women and children, individuals and communities in Melbourne’s west who are affected by gender inequity or family violence.

Our clients and communities are the groups that we exist to support, and how we define them articulates what inclusive feminism and intersectionality mean to us. We recognise that Melbourne’s west is not homogenous, which is why we talk about communities rather than a singular community. We specifically note the inclusion of members of LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as children and young people, in our service cohort, reflecting evolving understandings of gender identity and power, alongside the overwhelming impact of family violence on women.


We are working to achieve a series of long-term goals over the next five years.

We have specified what we will do to deliver on each goal and how we will track our progress.  Within each of these areas, we will continue with our core work and activities to consolidate our recent growth and achievements. We will also expand our efforts and explore new ground that delivers on our vision and purpose.

Our goals will be cascaded so that each member of our team has individual goals that are aligned to our organisational strategy.

Our clients live free from family violence and oppression, with agency and autonomy.

Our team is cared for, skilled and committed, and reflects our communities.

Our organisation is financially and environmentally sustainable, with fit-for-purpose data and infrastructure.

Our sector drives change to create an effective service system and non-oppressive societies.


We have identified a trio of enablers through our strategic planning process, which must be put in place and strengthened so we can achieve our goals:

Openness to change: As our communities, organisation and the broader environment changes, we will be agile and innovative in our approach. Ultimately, this is about being flexible and willing to try new things.

Leadership at all levels: The context we are operating in is one of significant
change, opportunity and challenge. To be responsive, we need leadership that aligns with our values throughout our whole organisation.

Meaningful collaboration: We mean it when we say our ability to drive
transformative change is ultimately about our clients, communities, team and partners. We will collectively have the greatest success when we have two-way engagement with all internal and external stakeholders that is mutually


Download our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.