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Teen input for school sex-ed

p7, Herald Sun, 17 September 2013




Karen women involved in Our Community, Our Rights take action

p14, Wyndham Leader, 3 September 2013

Karen learn to say 'no'




Karen women knock back sales people – Wyndham Weekly, 4 September 2013

Karen women knock back salespeople

Gender pay gap doesn’t make cents

On average Australian women earn 83 cents for every dollar earned by a man.

This year Equal Pay Day falls on 3 September as is marked on the last extra day women would need to work after the end of the financial year to earn the same as men, which is 64 extra days compared with 63 last year.


Two positions vacant

Crisis Response Outreach Worker and Health Promotion Worker – Sexual and Reproductive Health 10 month contract (maternity leave)

Closing dates in September, check here for more info.