Women’s Participation

A right, not a privilege!

As a feminist organisation, Women’s Health West (WHW) works to increase women’s civic participation. We recognise that women are the experts in their lives and we value their voices, knowledge and experience. We believe that all women have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives and community.

That’s why we are writing a client and community participation strategy to support different activities that are meaningful to women in Melbourne’s West, and to enhance our practice and ensure safe spaces at WHW for all women to participate, learn and influence outcomes.

Women’s right to, and realisation of, social, political and economic participation is an integral element of gender equity. Women in Melbourne’s west are incredibly diverse and meaningful participation looks a little different for everyone. Our ‘sphere’s of participation’ model, developed to guide our strategy, captures lots of different types of client and community participation.

Why Women’s Health West thinks it is important to invest in client and community participation?

  • To make our services more responsive and accessible
  • To ensure our priorities are informed by women’s experiences, needs and concerns
  • To promote accountable and transparent practice
  • To support social inclusion of marginalised and disadvantaged girls and women
  • To engage clients and community women in skills development, networking, access to information and resources, and social connectedness
  • To strengthen commitment to the feminist principles that our service is founded upon.

What’s happening now at Women’s Health West?

We have heard about how you participate in your communities in diverse and exciting ways, leading projects, advocating for social change, participating in support groups, attending public events and workshops, engaging in online discussions, writing blogs, volunteering as peer-educators, playing sports, and supporting friends and family.

Based on discussions with community groups, individual responses to our survey, social media posts, and conversations with women who have connected with Women’s Health West through programs and services, we will propose actions to support women’s participation. Keep an eye on our website for regular updates.

We are committed to including you in this conversation, so we’ll keep you up to date via this website and newsletters, but if you’d like to know more get in touch with Women’s Health West.

Phone: (03) 9689 9588
Email: info@whwest.org.au