Preventing Violence Together

Preventing Violence TogetherLed by Women’s Health West, Preventing Violence Together is the regional partnership and strategy that guides the primary prevention of men’s violence against women in the west.

Launched in 2010, it was the first regional primary prevention partnership and action plan of its kind in Victoria. The partnership is composed of 18 partner organisations including:

The Preventing Violence Together regional plan sets out a strategic, coordinated, action-based approach to prevention of violence against women across the west, tailored to the particular needs and characteristics of Melbourne’s west.

The achievements of the PVT partnership have been many, including implementation of the United project, as one of eight regional projects funded through the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation’s Reducing Violence against Women and their Children grants program, from 2012–2015.

Preventing Violence Together was recognised for its leadership in preventing men’s violence against women and was named the best project in the Building health through community and local government category in the 25th Victorian Health Promotion Foundation Awards.

Preventing Violence Together: Five-year Retrospective Process Evaluation and Report 2010-2015

In 2016, the PVT Partnership commissioned an independent five year evaluation of the PVT partnership, to inform a redevelopment of the new PVT governance structure and regional strategy.

The report produced a series of recommendations to build on and strengthen the governance and strategic work of the PVT partnership.

The evaluation found that PVT has functioned as a mechanism for realising its vision by offering signatories an enabling and coordinating context to undertake primary prevention actions in and across the region.

The PVT partnership has been found to be an effective and promising mechanism through which to build the political will and capacity of partner organisations, and to enhance collaboration between organisations, to prevent violence against women across the west.

Download the full evaluation report here. (pdf)